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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 18 Recap

Liv sacrificed herself to retrieve the crown.

Fanghui overheard Bai Tao talking on the phone and learned that he had stolen the crown, so she had a decision. Liv received an email from an anonymous person, knowing that the crown was in the hands of Baitao, and did not know what to do. Bai Tao met Liv who was drunk and took her back to the villa. Liv said that her future was ruined after the crown was stolen, and she regretted following the rare book, and Bai Tao was secretly happy.

The rare book saw Liv’s anonymous email and hurried to Baitao’s villa, only to see Liv appearing in disheveled clothes holding the crown, shocked, Liv tearfully brought him back to the press conference. Bai Tao wakes up and finds that the crown in the safe is missing, knowing it is in his mind. Good deeds prepared the fake crown and handed it to Sili, but fortunately, the rare book arrived in time.

The more the rare book thought, the more angry he became, and before the press conference was over, he went to Baitao and shook his fist. Liv claimed that Chengbaitao was not stealing the crown, and that the rare book knew that she had sacrificed for herself. I don’t know how to face Liv in the future, Huaigu relieved him. When Bai Tao came home and saw Fanghui wishing to leave Hong Kong quietly, she declared that she would not let her be free.

Fanghui scolded him for being perverted. No wonder Liv also left him and betrayed him. Bai Tao suddenly revealed that she had stolen the crown. The evidence showed that Sir Hong was the gangster who stole the crown. Sir He ordered Xiao Yu to arrest him. Shou Kangde paid back my innocence, but learned that Huaigu had received half a million rare books before being suspected. Shoukang asked Master Huaiguxing about the crime and asked him to pay back the rare book, expressing his efforts to bear all the expenses of moving the grave.

Kun Yu falsely claimed that he had earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from speculating options, which he gave to Shoukang to move his grave, and he was overjoyed. Shoukang found that the new tomb did not write his eldest brother’s name, and blamed Huaigu for his ineffectiveness, and Huaigu perfunct him. The rare book waited for Shoukang to pay homage to his parents. When he saw Shoukang write “Zhong Tianen’s Tomb” on paper, he was very excited.

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