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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 17 Recap

Shou Kang was suspended for investigation.

Huaigu recognized the rare book, Huaigu laughed and said that he had burned clothes paper by mistake for many years, and suggested that he come to Kunyu massage and take the opportunity to see Shou Kang. Huaigu secretly put the family portrait back, and Shoukang was pleasantly surprised, thinking that his late father had hinted, he decided to move to a “new house” for them. Sili and Zhanhao went to Dingfeng to see the jewelry design and learned that it was all Liv’s design, so they decided to hand over the crown to Liv’s design.

Rare books and others were excited for the design rights of the champion and the media rushed to report. Liv suggested holding a one-day exhibition to increase the momentum. He sir sent Hung sir and Shou Kang to assist in the security matters of the Houguan Exhibition. Baitao received the invitation letter from the rare book, and his competitor Xu Zhitian said it would make Dingfeng’s reputation discredited. The rare book gave Huaigu 500,000 yuan for the parents’ move to a new grave, and it was a show of heart.

Shou Kang persuaded Xiao Yu to create opportunities for him and Sky Blue in the name of his birthday, and Xiao Yu was uncomfortable. Shoukang went home and was surprised that the table was full of vegetables. When he saw the rare book visiting on purpose, he was unhappy. When Kunyu saw Huaigu and the rare benevolent eyebrows, he pulled him back to the room to question, Huaigu was helpless to tell the truth.

On the day of the crown exhibition, the appearance of light rain in costume made Shoukang’s eyes bright. The crowd wished victory for the exhibition, and the rare book suddenly received a call from the crown robbed and hurried back to the venue with Wen Ji. Sir He asks who decides the final route to deliver the crown. Sir Hong actually shifted the responsibility to Shou Kang. Shou Kang was astonished. Sir He ordered the two to be suspended for investigation.

Good deeds proposed to use a fake crown to give Si Li a temporary replacement, and the rare book strongly opposed it. Bai Tao led the crowd to catch the traitor and slapped Fang Hui in anger. Fang Hui cried and complained that after marrying him, she was in jail, and accused him of psychological imbalance after being abandoned by his first love. . Yunheng said that a large number of reporters came to Dingfeng and were troubled by the rare book.

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