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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 16 Recap

Huaigu suspects that the rare book is Zhong Tianen.

Sili and her father Zhanhao decided to crown the famous stone after the wedding. They liked the design style of Liv’s “Butterfly Shadow Lotus” and asked to see her. Baitao felt embarrassed and Fanghui took the opportunity to satirize Baitao. The rare book believes that if the quasi-empire crown design rights are obtained, Dingfeng Gold’s reputation can be restored. Rare Book and Liv feel helpless when seeing Rubao overprotecting Shanyin.

The two saw a mildly mentally handicapped man, Situ Jia, arguing with the fishball stall owner on the street. They felt that he was proficient in numbers and brave. Later, when Situ Jia came to apply for a handyman, the rare book appreciated his sincere attitude, and she was very happy to hire him. Baitao designed the crown for Sili by inviting Liv to return to the name of the famous stone. Liv claimed that he would not leave Dingfeng, Baitao was angry.

When Liv walked out of the restaurant, she met Fanghui having an affair with a man and reminded her that Baitao was in the restaurant. Fanghui was grateful. Fanghui saw that Baitao was obsessed with Liv and proposed a divorce, but Baitao angrily refused. Rare book teaches Shanyin to take a bus home and learn to be independent, but Shanyin has too many buses. Fortunately, Tianlan helps him, and when he gets off the bus, he knows that Shanyin is a rare book. The design of the famous stone was totally inconsistent with Sili’s intention, and Baitao felt discouraged.

Zhan Hao made an appointment with his old girlfriend, and it turns out that she is Rubao. The two talked freely about the past, sighing. Rubao learned that Sili had not found a suitable rear crown design, and proposed to visit Dingfeng. The rare book lamented that he could not worship when his parents died, and followed Shou Kang to learn the spiritual position of his parents. Huaigu saw the rare book in front of his brother and sister-in-law’s spiritual position, and the rare book hurriedly left.

Daqing found Uncle Gen, the boatman who had taken Rongbang to flee. Uncle Gen said that Rongbang saved the rare book and regarded him as his biological son. He also pointed out that the original surname Zhong, Huaigu was surprised. Huaigu saw that the rare book was paying homage to his elder brother and sister, and he was even more sure that he was Shou Kang’s great grace, but the rare book denied it.

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