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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 15 Recap

Shou Kang shows love, Xiao Yu is sad.

Shoukang and his men bet whether the chase is successful or not. Xiaoyu thinks that Shoukang’s goal is herself, and secretly delights. Xuelun bought a CD with Tianlan, saying that she had an appointment with a new lover and urged her to hurry. At this time, after passing through the heart, Tianlan deliberately asked Congxin to accompany him to drink coffee. Xiao Yu stole Sky Blue’s out-of-print CD, and unexpectedly broke Shou Kang’s CD player, yelling bad.

Tweety was pleased to see Kindness return to Hong Kong, handed in the dolphin trainer application form, Kindness smiled bitterly. Rubao blames Shanyin for refusing to practice the piano, and tantrums in good deeds means Rubao ignores other people’s likes and dislikes, and everyone looks at him. Rare Book and Liv lobbied Rubao to let Kindness be a trainer and hone it. Rubao agreed, and kindness was very pleasantly surprised. Shou Kang has to entertain and sit without a trace in order to find out-of-print CDs, Xiao Yu has a sweet heart. Shoukang met Sky Lan and Xuelun, who had a friendly attitude, in the pub.

He didn’t feel like it. Then he overheard Xuelun talking with another woman on the phone, telling Sky Lan that he was riding two boats with one foot, and Sky Lan laughed. Shou Kang suddenly showed love to Sky Blue, who thought he was drunk. The next day, Shoukang brought flowers to Tianlan’s home to show his love again, and the light rain beside him was like a bolt from the blue. Xiao Yu left home in sorrow, but when she met the light, she couldn’t help but threw herself into his arms and wept bitterly.

After thinking about it, Xiaoyu praised the good man Shoukang to Tianlan, and persuaded Tianlan to try to accept him. Tianlan said that he would only treat him as a friend. Shoukang announced to his family that he had set a goal to pursue, but Huaigu and others thought he was exaggerating. Shoukang asked if the family photo from his childhood had been recovered, but the strange photos were strangely missing.

Yao Sili, a Hong Kong resident, is about to marry the European royal family as the imperial concubine. Huai Gu ordered his subordinates to follow up and report in detail. At this time, Hu Daqing said that he discovered that the rare book was not the parent and child of Rongbang.

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