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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 14 Recap

Rongbang passed away.

Rubao revealed to Yunnian that Rongbang was suffering from terminal liver cancer, and Yunnian proposed to go to Sheung Shui to consult a genius. Early in the morning, Rubao took Rongbang to see a genius doctor. The genius gave Rongbang three medicines, saying that if he vomited, there would be hope. Rubao decocted the medicine carefully, but he was nearly knocked down by Shanyin and Rongbang comforted him. It was Ye Rongbang’s vomiting and hard work. Rong Bang suddenly fainted and was sent to the hospital. The doctor pointed out that the cancer cells had spread and the medicine was ineffective and suggested that he go home.

After Rongbang went to buy tofu flowers with Rubao, he told the rare book to take good care of his family and Dingfeng, and then left peacefully, the rare book was distraught. Rubao and Shanxing rushed home one after another, and saw that Rongbang was dead. The rare book revealed Rongbang’s death to Shoukang, saying that Rongbang was a very good father in his mind. Shoukang said that he was very happy to live with his father for many years, unlike when he lost his parents and eldest brother.

Lawyer Hu read out Rongbang’s will, and the rare book received most of Dingfeng shares. Ji Wen is not angry with Rongtong only 2%. Later, Rongtong comforted and said that he had other plans. The uncles demanded that after the end of Dingfeng’s finances, they should be given their due part.

The rare book said that Dingfeng’s performance has declined, and the money can only be distributed to them slowly, otherwise they will declare bankruptcy. Everyone has no money. Angry, Rongtong acts as a peacemaker. Rongtong lobbied the Rare Book not to end Dingfeng Finance, but the Rare Book insisted on going his own way and Rongtong’s expression changed. Rare books bring good deeds to entertainment together, and drunken good deeds are dissatisfied with Taiwanese customers who only drink and talk about women, not business.

Yun Heng pointed out that good deeds are not the material for doing business, and he should be allowed to do what he likes. The rare book frankly confessed that he would give up his business to good deeds in the future, and he had to do so. Yunhyung only thinks about the rare book for others but suffers from himself, only shaking his head and sighing

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