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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 13 Recap

Rongbang suffers from terminal cancer.

Uncle Fa agreed to be a taint witness, and Rongbang was sued for money laundering for Jichang. After Xuelun returned to Hong Kong, the prosecution lawyer who took over the Rongbang case said that there was no evidence that the rare books were involved, and Tianlan was relieved. Rare Ben et al. lost contact with Rong Tong who had gone to the Philippines. Rubao suspected that Tong was missing for fear of causing trouble to his upper body.

Shan Xing recommended himself to the Philippines to find Shi Zi, to help his father. Rare Ben told him to be careful. In court, Wen Ji alleged that Fa Shu had a private grievance with Rong Bang, and was misled by the police before slandering Rong Bang. At this time, Fa Shu saw Shi Zi appearing alive and immediately changed his confession, causing an uproar. When the court was adjourned, Tianlan accused the rare book of using Shizi to threaten to send his uncle to change his confession, and said that he did not regret breaking up with him. Rongbang was acquitted and Shoukang was not angry.

Rongbang decided to wash his hands with the golden basin as soon as possible. The rare book was overjoyed, and he confessed that he had found his uncle and brother and had broken up with Tianlan. Rongbang was surprised. Rongbang said that he would travel around the world with Rubao, jumping for joy. Rongbang announced to his uncles that he would wash his hands and end Dingfeng’s financial affairs. Rongbang suddenly felt unwell. When he knew he was suffering from end-stage liver cancer, he felt like a bolt from the blue.

Rongbang urged the rare book to take good care of his younger brothers and sisters and not to touch the black. He also hoped that Dingfeng Gold could promote the international market, and the rare book sadly agreed. Rongbang and Shanyin went to the park together. They felt guilty for only making money and ignoring family members. They told Shanyin that he would travel far and never come back. Shanyin didn’t know but was very unhappy.

Seeing Shanyin holding Papa Bear, Rubao was unhappy, and when she asked, she found out that Rongbang had something to hide, and she felt a thunderbolt after asking. Shanyin asks for the rare book and don’t let Rongbang go. The rare book falsely claims that even though Rongbang is far away, listening to her playing the piano and speaking, the family will gather in the distant place, and Shanyin will let go.

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