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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 12 Recap

Rare Book Kills Jichang to Save His Sister.

Jichang ordered his subordinates to throw Shanyin into the sea. After Shanyin shot Jichang in a hurry, he hurriedly took Shanyin away. Rongbang and Rubao couldn’t find the rare book at the dock. They were worried that something would happen to him, but they were surprised when they heard Shanyin’s shout. The rare book drove fast to vent his uneasiness and risked a car crash. The police found Jichang’s body and the bear doll on the yacht. Kang took the bear bear to find the rare book and accused him of killing Shanyin. The rare book reprimanded him for speculation.

When Tianlan returned to Hong Kong, he went to Xiaoyu to find out what had happened to the rare book. When Xiaoyu revealed it, Tianlan was shocked. Sky Lan asked Rare Ben if Jichang’s death was related to him. Rare Ben said she had an answer in her heart, and Sky Lan was disappointed. Shou Kang takes Tian Lan to drink to relieve her sorrow. Tian Lan confessed that she has broken up with the rare book. Shou Kang uses the mathematical theory of addition and subtraction to solve her.

Sir Hong said that Jichang’s subordinates can accuse Dingfeng Finance of laundering money on behalf of Jichang, and Shoukang believes that it would be more beneficial to find Uncle Fa as a tainted witness. When the Rongbang family celebrated Shanyin’s birthday, Shoukang led the crowd to take Rongbang back to the police station. Wen Ji said that the police did not have enough evidence to prosecute, so Rongbang need not worry.

The rare book was worried that the missing Fa Shu still thought that Rongbang killed Shi Tsai and was found by the police earlier. Shou Kang and the rare book thought about where Uncle Fa had gone, and headed towards the goal. Seeing Shoukang and Xiaoyu lobbying Uncle Fa as taint witnesses, Uncle Fa said that he would not harm his brothers because of Rongbang’s injustice to him.

When the rare book and Rongtong arrive, Rongtong sees Uncle Fa and Shoukang together, knocking them to death, and the rare book is shocked to stop them. Shou Kang said that the two of the rare book wanted to kill others, and his uncle angered that he wanted to expose Rongbang. Rongtong blames the rare book to prevent him from killing his uncle. The rare book thinks that finding Shizi is the best way.

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