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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 11 Recap

Rare Books Do everything for saving my sister.

Rubao learned that Shanyin was taken into captivity and wanted to call the police, and Shanyin hurriedly stopped. The rare book proposed that when Jichang picked up the goods on the high seas, Rongbang received a call from Shanyin being taken into captivity, and then Jichang’s men had a taste of their ribs, and they met to trade in Lobster Bay.

Rubao asked about Shanyin’s kidnapping, Rongbang hesitated, Rubao yelled to call the police for help, Rare Book revealed that Jichang used Dingfeng to transport drugs. Rubao suddenly took Shanyin’s bear cub to find Jichang, begging him to let Shanyin go, and Jichang drove her away impatiently. The rare book believes that Rongbang’s surrender to Jichang will only get deeper and deeper, and he will be forced to go on the road of no return. Wenji proposes to disarm him.

Shou Kang learns that Shanyin has been kidnapped, so he inquires about the rare book, but fails. Sky Blue couldn’t find the rare book and felt uneasy. At this time, Xuelun suddenly returned to Mary’s house, revealing that he had broken up with Kim and returned to Hong Kong to work as a lawyer in the Legal Department. Xiao Yu concluded that the person who dared to confront Rongbang head-on was Jichang, and Shou Kangzan made progress, and Xiao Yu had a sweet heart.

The rare book told Wenji and Yunheng to act according to the plan, and Wenji advised him to think twice. Rongbang accused the rare book for fear of affecting its future, and was indifferent to saving Shanyin, making the rare book sad. The rare book called Sky Lan, indicating that they would not be in Australia, and that the two came from different worlds. Now it is time to wake up and Lan stayed blank. Yun-hyung accidentally revealed the plan of the rare book, and Rongbang suddenly blamed him. The rare book was found to be followed by Shou Kang, so that Ji got rid of him.

Rongtong and Yunheng arrive at the container to get the drugs, but a good deed suddenly appears to help. Seeing the good deeds, the police were so flustered that they threw the drugs into the sea without waiting for Yunheng’s instructions. Yunheng accused him of killing the rare book. The yacht that the rare book came to Jichang offered to exchange himself for Shanyin as a hostage. When Jichang agreed, he received a call saying that the good deed had thrown the drugs into the sea, and angrily raised his gun at the rare book.

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