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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 10 Recap

Rongbang and Jichang have a grievance and Shanyin.

Jichang invited Rongtong to cooperate in drug delivery, and Rongtong was happy. Shou Kang and Xiao Yu follow the rare books. Xiao Yu sees that the rare books are familiar with the market vendors and are willing to help others. He does not seem to be a bad person. Shou Kang accused him of selling dog meat by selling sheep’s head. The rare book was found to be followed, so anti-tracking was carried out. Shou Kang sees the rare book deliberately approaching, suspecting that he is a comrade, the rare book laughs. The rare book returned the copper to Shoukang.

Shoukang was pleasantly surprised and asked him why he showed his favor to him. The rare book said that Shoukang was like his old friend, and he felt cordial. He wanted to be friends with Shoukang. The rare book designed a star-shaped “Guardian” jewelry for Sky Blue, and Liv completed it according to the picture. Liv’s heart is not a taste. Rongbang learns to take care of Dingfeng with good deeds so that he can take on the burden of rare books and emigrate to Australia with peace of mind.

Shan Yin proposed to take Shanyin to the sheltered workshop to study and make more new friends. Rubao objected, and the rare book took the two people to the painting exhibition under the pretext of sending them to the sheltered workshop. Rare Ben followed Shou Kang to play football, and revealed that he would move to Australia with Sky Blue. Shou Kang said that he was standing in Sky Blue’s position and did not consider congratulating him, Rare Ben was helpless.

Jichang lobbied Rongbang to cooperate in drug transport, but Rongbang flatly refused. Rongbang discovered that Rongtong was using Dingfeng’s container to transport personal belongings in the name of a rare book. He saw that he had a box of cash again. Suddenly he was transporting drugs for Jichang and said angrily that he would call the police. Rongbang returned the drug transportation deposit to Jichang, and declared that he would not let the drugs go ashore if he left the sea.

Jichang threatened to be more spicy than him. Shanyin learns to go to the year of luck alone, and Shanyin protects her from the back. On the way, several big guys suddenly appeared to take Shanyin and told Rongbang to exchange Shanyin with Jichang’s goods. Shanyin was panicked.

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