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Golden Faith 流金岁月 Episode 1 Recap

Rare Book Meets Sky Blue in Australia

Ding Shanben met Cheng Tianlan at the Australian airport, and Tianlan thought the rare book was a pervert. Rare Book is the chief operating officer of Dingfeng Gold. He went to Perth to learn about buying gold directly from the gold mine, and temporarily stayed at the house of Mary, the aunt of his friend Zhou Xuelun. Rachel accidentally knew that Xuelun was a homosexual, Mary advised Xuelun not to abandon his girlfriend Rachel. Rachel was surprised to learn that Rachel was Sky Blue, and Sky Blue misunderstood that Rachel and Kim were comrades, and teased him from time to time. Tian Lan was robbed by two foreigners, and the rare book rescued her with wit, and Tian Lan’s impression of him changed. When Xuelun took the rare book to visit the gold mine and the gold alchemy process, he took the opportunity to explain to Sky Blue that Sky Blue felt like a bolt from the blue and accidentally entered a mine in crisis. The rare book ventured into and rescued her, and suddenly the mine collapsed. . . . . .

The next day, Tianlan felt disappointed when he knew that the rare book had hurried back to Hong Kong. The rare book’s financial adviser and friend Kim Yun-hyung said that the rare book’s father, Rong Bang, was taken away by Uncle Chai, and the rare book saw him in person. It turned out that after Uncle Chai robbed several gold shops, he hoped that Rongbang would receive the stolen goods. Rongbang said that he had already withdrawn from the arena and it was inconvenient to receive the money. The rare book didn’t want Rongbang to be involved in any more troubles, so he decided to raise five million to relieve Uncle Chai. Seeing that the rare book refused to accept the stolen goods, Uncle Chai was very angry and put the stolen stolen goods into the rare book’s sports car. At this time, undercover agent Zhong Shoukang appeared and arrested the two. The rare book was accused of receiving stolen goods, and was surprised that the prosecutor was actually Sky Blue.

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