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X Japan – エ ッ ク ス ジ ャ パ ン – X Japan

Name: X, エ ッ ク ス (ekkusu), Chiba, Japan
Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed ​​Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressy Metal, Glam Metal
during 1982 – 1997, 2007 – present
Music label: Dada, Extasy, CBS / Sony, Ki / oon, MM Geelong, East West Coast, Atlantic, Polydor, Tofu, EMI, Warner Music Japan
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Member X Japan – エ ッ ク ス ジ ャ パ ン – X Japan

  1. Toshi – lead vocals
  2. Yoshiki – drums, piano
  3. Patata – Guitar
  4. Heath-based
  5. Tsukiso – Guitar
  6. Former X Japan member – エ ッ ク ス ジ ャ パ ン – X Japan
  7. Tai Chi-Bass
  8. Hide-Guitar

History and History – X Japan (English: X Japan, Japanese: エ ッ ク ス ジ ャ パ ン kk kk ekkusu japan) is a Japanese heavy metal band. From Chiba Prefecture Founded in 1982 by the band’s drummer Yoshiki and lead singer Tooshi with the power of Metal Speed ​​Metal Symphonic Metal. Which the band later turned to progressive metal With emphasis on ballads X-Japan is a band that has made a great reputation in the music industry of Japanese music. And is a band that is known as a legend in the rock industry in Japan

X Japan was formerly known as X (Japanese: エ ッ ク ス ekkusu) released the first album entitled After the band had a perfect member consisting of bass guitarist Taiji, Hide guitarist and guitarist Patata, which is an album under the label of Yo Shiki It’s called Extasy Records and in the year 1989 they were successful. With his second album, the big debut album, Blue Blood, after releasing the album Jellies in 1991, Tai Chi left the band in early 1992 and With Heath acting instead And changed the name of the band to Japan before doing the Art of Life album in 1993, which contains songs with the same name as the album and has only 29 minutes in length. 1995, they reduced their original visual K. For a more comfortable and trendy look As well as releasing the Dahlia album in 2016 1996 which is similar to the last two albums Later, Japan made their final concert at the Tokyo Dome on December 31, 1997.

10 years later, X-Japan reunited in 2007 and recorded a new song “IV”. 2 years later, the band performed in various concerts, namely the first being Hong Kong. And got Tsukisou as the band guitarist instead of Hide Which died in 1998 before touring North America in 2010 and in 2011 the band toured the world for the first time in Europe South America and Asia.

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