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A Complete Life (2013) 双全

A Complete Life (2013)
Other Title: 双全, Shuang Quan, A Complete Life

Genres: drama, Human drama
Zhu Feng 朱峰
Huang Yu Jia 黃雨佳
Release Date: 
May 5, 2013
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  • Gu Bao Ming as Wu Shuang Quan 武双全
  • Sun Peng as Wu Huai Wen 武懷文
  • Yan Yu Lin (顏毓麟) as Wu Yi Heng 武以恒
  • Zhang Si Ying (張詩盈) as Mei Jiao 美嬌
  • Kao Ying Hsuan as James
  • Chen You Fang
  • Lin Mei Zhao (林美照)

A man returned home from years on the run to find his wife had died of cancer and his son gotten a divorce after his grandson’s birth. The once mighty gangster ended up living in a nursing home in his old age. In the nursing home he found warmth and love of a younger woman. As he tried to break the news of his May-December romance to his son, he discovered his son was living with a man who his son claimed to be a “close friend.” Three generations of Wu, the grandfather who hates to lose face, the father who thinks love trumps all, and the rebellious grandson, collided as they dealt with love, friendship and family.

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