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A Happy Life 2 (2016) 天天有喜2之人间有爱

A Happy Life 2
Other Title: 天天有喜2之人间有爱, Tian Tian You Xi 2: Ren Jian You Ai, A Happy Life 2

Genres: drama, Mythology
Huang Jian Xun, Su Yuan Feng
Fang Mei Ren
Hunan TV
Release Date: 
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  • Chen Hao Min
  • Mu Ting Ting
  • Chen Zi Han
  • Chen Wei Han
  • Kenny Kwan
  • Xu Kun Dong
  • Liu Ting Yu
  • Liu Yi Zhen
  • Lin Zi Cong
  • Chen Yu Lin
  • Jia Zong Chao

Liu Sixi ( played by Chen Haomin ), the son of the second-generation hunting demon family of Liu Fufu , has a unique talent. Any demon or person who inhales his spirit can greatly increase his skill, but he is also a dandy brother, who spends all day dealing with women. Jiumei is the youngest princess of the fox family ( played by Mu Tingting ). She is kind and cute and refined, but she is also an “inventor” and “tricky family.” Jiumei wants to gain Liu Sixi’s spirit for her mother, so she sneaks into Liu’s family, but Unexpectedly, the two were secretly in love, and their enemies turned into lovers. From then on, the Merry Hunter and his savage fox fairy girlfriend staged a ridiculous fairy tale chasing love.

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